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    March 2013 was the launch of the UK’s only purpose built stunt driving arena located at the South Tees Motor Sports Park in the North East of England.
    Come along and join us at Stunt Drive Experience
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    Stunt Drive Experience have teamed up with My Little Beauty, offering a unique experience.
    Put the word STUN into STUNTS with our special LADIES ONLY offer.
    Our package includes our Silver Stunt Drive Experience taught by female instuctors, a 30 minute beauty treatment and a refreshing tropical mocktail!


  • Televison & Film Work
    Televison & Film Work

    The staff at Stunt Drive Experience have featured on numerous televised programmes and shows, including programmes from the BBC.

    Our staff are highly qualified and able to perform bringing a new level to entertainment.

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About Us

Stunt Drive Experience the UK's only purpose built stunt & precision driving arena located in the North East of England.

Our arena has been designed to allow you to perform handbrake turns, handbrake parallel parking, doughnuts, doughnut roulette, parallel park challenge, j turns, and two wheeling in a safe environment which is authorised by the IOPD (International Organisation of Professional Drivers) putting safety first and protecting it’s customers.

We also provide indoor and outdoor spectator viewing areas, along with refreshments and free play on our racing simulator throughout your time with us.

This unique venue operated by Kelly Bird giving customers the chance to perform the above stunts alongside our experienced tutors in BMW Minis and Z3s.

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