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    Stunt Drive Experience is the UK’s only purpose built stunt driving arena located at the South Tees Motor Sports Park in the North East of England.

    We can accommodate the following:
    Stunt Drive Experience Days, Private Functions, Display Shows, Exhibition Stands, TV & Film Work

    Call us on 07794 608755 or 01642 713010.

  • Precision Driving Displays
    Precision Driving Displays

    Here at Stunt Drive Experience we have the UK’s only female led stunt and precision driving display team. Our stunt drivers have been trained to a guarantee a show that will impress. Our team can choreograph a routine using front wheel drive or rear wheel drive cars, or even both.

  • Television & Film Work
    Television & Film Work

    The staff at Stunt Drive Experience have featured on numerous televised programmes and shows, including programmes from the BBC and Discovery Channel as well as performing stunts in films.

    Our staff are highly qualified and able to perform bringing a new level to entertainment.

  • Corporate Events
    Corporate Events

    With over 25 years of corporate expertise we are renowned for giving companies the Corporate Event that will have your employees or clients talking for weeks! We appreciate that the quality of the event reflects back onto your business, therefore we provide a high quality and aesthetically pleasing operation, using high profile cars and professional and skilled trainers with years of stunt and motorsport experience.

  • Stag & Hen Parties
    Stag & Hen Parties

    We are a 30 minute drive from Durham, 40 minute drive from Newcastle, 50 minute drive from York, and 1 hour drive from Leeds.
    Your session can be turned into a challenge with your party being split into two teams, one with the Bride or Groom as team leader, and the other with the Maid of Honour or Best Man as team leader. Battle it out by scoring more points than the opposing team.

  • Celebrity Service
    Celebrity Service

    We are over the moon with our feature in ‘Celebrity Service’ by Geoff Ramm; a book about companies that give outstanding customer service. The fact we have such positive feedback at Stunt Drive Experience is phenomenal, but a customer mentioning us in his book as an example of ‘Celebrity Service’ to other businesses, makes us speechless!

About Us

Stunt Drive Experience the UK's only purpose built stunt & precision driving arena located in Middlesbrough in the North East of England.

We can accommodate for the following: Stunt Drive Experience Days, Tailor-made Corporate Events, Private Functions, Stag & Hen Parties, Displays Shows & Exhibitions and Television & Film Work.

STUNT DRIVING EXPERIENCE DAYS: Whether you’re an individual just wanting a day out or wanting to organise a private function for a corporate event or party we can accommodate to your needs with our stunt driving experiences. We are open 7 days a week 52 weeks a year, with morning, afternoon and evening sessions available; this unique venue operated by female Stunt Driver, Kelly Bird has been designed to allow you to perform various stunts alongside our experienced trainers in BMW MINI’s and Z3’s in a secure environment authorised by the IOPD (International Organisation of Professional Drivers) putting safety first and protecting our customers.
Here at Stunt Drive Experience, we allow you to perform the following stunts: handbrake turns, handbrake parallel parking, donuts, donut roulette, parallel park challenge, j turns, and two wheeling. We also provide indoor and outdoor spectator viewing areas, along with refreshments and free play on our racing simulator throughout your time with us. 

DISPLAY SHOWS: Our staff are trained to a high standard to perform displays and shows including various stunts to impress a crowd and have various routines to suit your requirements. Stunt Drive Experience also have the UK’s only female led stunt and precision driving display team. We have three female stunt drivers which adds an extra twist! 

EXHIBITION STANDS: We also can help your company promote your product in a unique way that no one will forgot in a hurry.

TELEVISION & FILM WORK: Our highly trained drivers have featured on numerous TV programmes including shows for the BBC and Discovery along with films, which have required various skills. Company Director Kelly Bird has also driven as a stunt double in films and movies. Below is the end product of our most recent television and film work from Daily Planet which was aired on Discovery Canada on Monday 1st December 2014.

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